Adonai's Ministry, Inc.

Mission:     "Reaching People...Touching Lives."

Adonai's Ministry is a 501(c)(3) organization in the state of Florida and the Federal nonprofit registers.

The Mission of the Ministry is to enable people from all walks of life to achieve a productive and spiritually balanced life through teaching the Word of God, leading them to Christ, and assisting those in need.

The Ministry's goal is to fulfill its mission by providing service to:

  • Single Parents
  • Mentoring Women
  • Children of Incarcerated Parents
  • Distribution of Books to:
    Title One (I) Schools, After School Programs
    and At-Risk Children
  • Community-Sponsored Activities
  • Adopt Children for Christmas
  • Personal Items for Inmates (per Chaplain request)

AMI serves as a model participant in a nationwide network of organizations providing similar services.The price of standing before the Lord at Judgment without the blood of Jesus is a high one; therefore, Adonai's believes it their highest priority to redeem the time and present Jesus Christ and Him crucified to all men.

The price for society of keeping books closed is a high one.  We inspire children to read, to fall in love with reading and maintain that love for the rest of their lives that the next generation may take society farther than it has ever been.